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Where it began

Our story begins back in 2010, when ecommerce began to emerge as a major channel for small and medium-sized businesses looking to sell directly to their customers online. Fulfillment providers are experts at logistics, but many were finding that in supporting ecommerce customers they were spending ever increasing amounts of time with manual efforts at order entry. It soon became clear that automating the ecommerce order processing would greatly increase productivity at the warehouse by replacing these time-consuming and error-prone manual processes. We began building custom ecommerce integrations for fulfillment providers that would automate the process, however we soon realized that custom integrations would not be as effective as an ongoing platform that could service and maintain integrations in a continuous fashion.

Founding DropStream

So in 2011, we founded DropStream. Designed as an integration platform that would streamline online order processing and fulfillment while dramatically lowering the upfront costs associated with custom development, DropStream provides an integral solution to the modern fulfillment landscape. Since our founding, we have continued to invest in the platform to develop new features and to expand our integration network, which now includes active integrations to over 70 of the most popular ecommerce and fulfillment systems across 3 continents.

The Bottom Line

DropStream is a technology company that actually understands fulfillment workflows. We are dedicated to providing our clients with automated ecommerce integrations that help save time at the warehouse and satisfy the increasingly complex workflow requirements of their customers.


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